Feline Moves & Midwest Grooves

"You cannot take your teeth with you to heaven"

-Ricky Liontones

100% American Music.  No snake-oil, just snakeskin rockin’, jaw droppin' Rock’n’Roll as the good lord intended with no amendment. You’ve been sold lies by clever men in business ties, no-good dudes with dollar-driven attitudes.


....But I'm here to tell you that there is salvation...

Here at the Ricky Liontones camp we believe that you can be saved from this atrocity known as “modern rock”.  Simply by taking our hands in what's known as the unholy matrimony of sound and silence and let your hips do the talking. We don’t ascribe to genres, colors, race, sexual orientation, or religious affiliations.  That is for folks who want to live in the box instead of tap dance upon it or throw it over a cliff (oh boy, wouldn’t that be fun?!). We welcome you as long as you welcome yourself to a good time.

You may recognize me from the bands that I currently rock in: Ricky Liontones, Atomic Love, and my Soundgarden tribute band, Bad Motorfingers. 


Or maybe you have seen me in the bands that I have played in such as: Mutts, The Polite Machines, Dogs of Fortune, EarThorn, The Devlin Progress, Parietal, Stomp Aberdeen. 

And it is entirely possible that you have seen me sit in with Jimmy Johnson, Carlos Johnson, Corey Denison, Gerry Hundt, The Kinsey report/Donald Kinsey, Joanna Connor, Jimmy Burns, Joe & Vicki Price, Smiley Tillmon, Guy King, Matt Hendricks, Petet Galanis, Carl Weathersby, The Lucky Dutch, and This Must Be The Band.

"Myrrick J. Liontonia, AKA Ricky Liontones, personifies Rock 'n' Roll. He looks like Rock 'n' Roll, he sounds like Rock 'n' Roll, and he sometimes smells like Rock 'n' Roll."

-Matt Gandurski



photos by Don Ciesielewski

Cobra Lounge
Photos by Don Ciesielski
Tom Ping Park Photoshoot
by Marguerite McAdam 
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